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HNT Miner Sale

HNT Helium Miner (SALE!)
Pay 199$ (1/3rd of a normal miner) and get 50% of its earnings! Your miner will be shipped within 10 days, no more waiting nearly a year! Rewards are automatically deposited into your provided HNT wallet once per month between the 1st and 10th.


Getting Started

Getting Started in 2021 a brief intro into getting started with Crypto Currency, your first wallet and basic setup!



My favorite gambling site BCGame , offers BTC, SATS, ETH, DOGE, XRP, USDT, LTC, XLM, LINK, TRX, BCH, DOT, EOS, DAI, XLM, USDC, BSV, AVC, VSYS, BAT and more! 20+ games more coming. Chat rain, tips, daily wheel lots of ways to earn!



When you sign up and link your bank you get a free stock! This is a USA based stock exchange offered in most areas. You have a 1 in 150 chance of getting Visa ($200.68), Apple ($112.00), or Walmart ($136.75)and 1 in 30 chance of getting GE, Kinder Morgan, or Ford!




Coinbase is a popular Exchange and Multi wallet. You can connect to Paypal, your Checking account and do instant withdrawls and deposits. It is one of the few multi wallets I have been using for years! Very reliable and backed. You can also get 10 USD XLM Free as well as 10 USD EOS Free.


ZenHub PipeFlare and GlobalHive

Zen Pipe Global

Horizen you are able to claim ZEN coin once daily, it does have a game to earn more!

Pipeflare ZEC PIVX and DASH can be claimed once daily at this site. Daily bonus and multiplier!

Globalhive ZEC or Zcash can be claimed once daily at this site. Daily bonus and multiplier!


Recent Updates

Getting Started Publish0x News

Pays you to read and write articles! Awesome!

Getting Started Getting Started

A brief guide and introduction to Crypto for 2021! Just the basics!

Theta ThetaTV

allows you to watch streamers to earn coins that let you enter giveaways for prizes like crypto, paypal, toys, gfuel and more! You also earn Tfuel as you watch streamers.

Binance Binance

is a popular exchange with many coins offered. They also offer incentives and frequent ways to earn more like giveaways and raffles.

Coinpot Coinpot MicroWallet

is a Microwallet that lets you gather up Crypto from faucets! Multiple coins offered with PTC, Multiplier and Offerwalls!