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Getting Started in 2021!


How to get started in Crytpo Currency in 2021!

The first thing to get started in Crypto in 2021 is to get a wallet set up to receive and send your crypto.

At Coinbase you can easily set up a wallet for multiple crypto coins that you can link to your bank account and Paypal. (Paypal offers instant transfers to coinbase) A cryptocurrency wallet is a device, program or service that stores the public and/or private keys for access to your Crypto. LINK


Once you have an account setup at Coinbase, they also offer a program to introduce you to Crypto currency. Currently you can earn up to 121 USD of Crypto. Earn crypto while learning about crypto. Discover how specific cryptocurrencies work and get a few dollars or more of each crypto to try out for yourself.

When completing the videos and learning about Crypto, the coins are deposited automatically to your Coinbase wallet. You can instantly transfer these to any other currency Coinbase offers, transfer to cash and send to your bank or start trading!

10 USD BAND Coin Link

10 USD XLM Coin Link

10 USD COMP Coin Link

10 USD EOS Coin Link


Once you have a bit of crypto, you will want to send or receive from outside sources. On Coinbase website, click Portfolio at the top of the screen. A page listing all of your coins and assets will pop up. Click the coin you want to send or receive with. On the right side of the specific coin page there is a send and receive tab, click and it will show the information. To send you enter a Coinbase user email or that specific coins address you are sending to, enter and amount and send. To receive, click the receive tab, copy your receiving address and put that into the site or program you are sending from. There are a few crypto coins that require a memo or note as well, if this is required, you will see it with the address on the receive tab.

Once you have the basics down

There are websites out there that will send you free Crypto currency just for visiting their website. (They normally show you advertisements or sponser companies on their page which is how they make money to pay you)

How to earn a little Crypto daily!

These are Faucets, faucets are a reward system, in the form of a website or app, that dispenses rewards in the form Cryptocurrency for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or task as described by the website.


Pipe Flare Pipe flare offers a monthly rotating list of free coins. Currently it is DOGE, FLR and ZEC. Previously they offered PIVX as well. They are in the early stages and do not have many advertisements. It is one of the best and most simple sites I know of to claim free Crypto from. 3 Games that give you a chance to get more FLR tokens than your daily claim. Many bonuses, daily bonus and more!


GetZen Claim from their Horizon (ZEN) faucet daily! Blox Jump game to increase your balance! They also offer giveaways and other incentives.

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Cointiply How Cointiply works. Sign up, complete offers, do surveys, watch videos, complete tasks, play multiplier game and of course a faucet!


Global Hive GlobalHive Join the global income movement! Claim free ZCASH (ZEC) Cryptocurrency from their faucet every 24 hours!