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1. 100% Provably Fair!

Yes, you read that right! When it comes to online casinos people find it difficult to trust the games as many casinos rig their games creating a distrust amongst the online users. In a time when others choose to use unfair means, BC Game proudly boasts of a 100% Provably Fair game play! What it means is that every single bet you place on this site can be verified! Yes every single one of them! Be it on any game, any amount or any multiplier; at BC game you can check the fairness of every penny you bet!

Such a transparent working in an online gaming platform itself assures users of the trust that they can place on the site! No more worrying about the site rigging games or trying to manipulate the game play to make you lose that sweet sweet crypto!

2. 3 Level Affiliate system

How will you feel if you can simply sit and earn via other people who are playing!? Passive income for lifetime! That is right! The super impressive and one of a kind 3 level affiliate system at an online casino is a rare sight but BC Game is providing you just that! You can became a super affiliate and make a pretty good chain of referrals. You will earn even when a referral of your referral’s referral plays! What?? That’s too many referrals!!! Yes!!

3. Wide variety of coins to play with!

No more hassle of exchanging your currencies to play! Now choose the currency of your choice because all the games at BC Game are compatible with a wide range of top crypto coins! The best part is that they keep adding new coins frequently so that users can enjoy games with their coins without the worry of their funds stuck for approval at exchanges! This makes for a smooth user experience and hassle free game plays!

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4. VIP Program

So you are a Premium player at other site who has wagered a high amount already? But now you feel stuck at that site as their game play and other benefits are not as exciting as BC Game? But then you wonder that if you join BC Game you will have to start your wagering journey from scratch again? Uh uh! Wrong answer! BC Game understands the time, patience, efforts and money required to reach a premium level and hence they provide you a similar level matching your old casino level when you first join the BC Game family! That’s right! Once a VIP always a VIP and should be treated so is what we believe in!

5. A great community chat room (with bonuses! Say what!?!)

Okay so this chat feature is available on almost all online casinos but what makes BC Game chatrooms different and unique is their constant chat bonuses (Coindrops & Rains) along with the great and super active chat community! Coindrops is nothing but a little bag full of coins available for grabs (for a limited number of players) who click on it first. Any player can choose to drop some coins in the chat rooms and select the number of players they wish to give them to! On the other hand Rains is a pretty cool feature available for those who are active on chat! Any player can select the coin,amount and number of people they wish to ‘rain’ coins on! Now the system will randomly pick the most active chat users for this and give them that glorious rain coins! Staying active on chat and helping players or just making friends is a thing you will find very common at BC Game chatrooms! People have made real friends here!

So by just been active on site and attentive on chat can help you quickly grab those coindrops or receive the lucky Rains! So what are you waiting for? Click BC.Game right now and join the family!

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